Green Promise

The staff and management of the Galway Bay Hotel recognize that our business has an important role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for current and future generations and to help secure long-term sustainability of the Tourism Industry.


A Green Environment

We are committed to our Green Environment strategy and aim to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing waste, water and energy throughout the hotel. We are proud members of The Programme (the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Resource for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism in Ireland)

Galway Bay Hotel are proud to have achieved a gold standard Eco label award from the Green Hospitality Programme in 2023

To achieve this, we have worked on the below.

  • We have established a passionate and dedicated Green Team in house to drive our green agenda and embody the green culture amongst the wider hotel team.
  • Our green agenda is included in all our new team’s induction and coaching sessions so from the moment a new team member starts in the Galway Bay Hotel they already are enrolled into a green way of thinking.
  • We have engaged with external experts who are advising and working with the Hodson Bay Hotel Group to shape our group ESG strategy.
  • We have invested in new bins throughout the whole hotel which supports our waste segregation strategy. Team training has been a huge part of our waste management process and our aim is to divert 5% of our waste from landfill.
  • We are also phasing out non sustainable light sources through investment and upgrading all lights to LED. This is ongoing and will be completed in 2024.
  • We also monitor energy usage daily and each department has structured check lists to help manage energy consumption.
  • We have reduced our energy consumption by 7% vrs 2019 This is the same for water and waste and we benchmark ourselves against previous years.
  • We have upgraded 78 of our bedroom bathrooms which includes new showers which reduces water flow by 5 litres per minute.
  • We have installed two EV car chargers.
  • We have reviewed all our internal policies & procedures so that our green agenda is top priority in all we do.

What’s next?

It is our aim to now progress to our silver award, and we aim to have this achieved in summer 2024.

We plan to take the following steps.

  • An essential project that will soon be completed is removing all single use plastics in our bedrooms and bathrooms and replace with 1 permanent dispenser.
  • We are committed with our guests help to a new Keen to be green room service policy so the guest can choose not to have their room serviced which will reduce the use of energy and water.
  • We are investing in smart metering and heat to air systems which will reduce our energy consumption.
  • We are removing single use condiments in all our food and beverage outlets.
  • Our Executive chef and purchasing team are very excited to start exploring more local produce and suppliers which will reduce our carbon footprint.
  • The next phase is to look at other markets in the hotel and we will be focusing on the MICE- Meetings and Events market to see how we can make conferencing more Eco friendly and a more eco experience for delegates.
  • The above are just some examples of what is to come as we aim for our Silver award and put our best foot forward when it come to our ESG practices.

Excited to keep you updated.

Galway Bay Hotel Green Team



Progress in implementing this policy will be regularly reviewed and reported to the Board of Directors of the Hodson Bay Group by representative of the Galway Bay Hotel Green Team.

The Transport

Green Options

Everyone at Galway Bay Hotel takes tremendous pride in the concerted effort the whole team has delivered to make our hotel more sustainable, and we look forward in earnest to keeping Our Green Promise. As part of that commitment, we’ve created a list of Green Transport options which guests can avail of during their time with us.



Galway Bay Hotel are proud to have achieved a gold standard Eco label award from the Green Hospitality Programme in 2023.


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